Test and production environments instalation

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Test and production environments instalation

Postby fobiols@pukkas.com » Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:38 pm

Is it possible to install the same license in a test environment and production environment of the same web?
I need to test the web, so I have a test environment independent production.
Test environment is a subdomain of production one (test.domain.com).
But I can not install the plugin in test environment becauseI have installed it on "another web", which is the production.
How can I do it?
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Re: Test and production environments instalation

Postby IToris team » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:22 pm

Hi fobiols,

Please read here: https://www.itoris.com/magento-extensions-license.html

License key also covers a number of sub-domains for testing and development purposes. The full list of sub-domains that are covered by one license key is:

http(s)://mydomain.com - your production host.
http(s)://www.mydomain.com, http(s)://www1.mydomain.com, http(s)://www2.mydomain.com, http(s)://www3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://dev.mydomain.com, http(s)://dev1.mydomain.com, http(s)://dev2.mydomain.com, http(s)://dev3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://development.mydomain.com, http(s)://development1.mydomain.com, http(s)://development2.mydomain.com, http(s)://development3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://test.mydomain.com, http(s)://test1.mydomain.com, http(s)://test2.mydomain.com, http(s)://test3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://testing.mydomain.com, http(s)://testing1.mydomain.com, http(s)://testing2.mydomain.com, http(s)://testing3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://stage.mydomain.com, http(s)://stage1.mydomain.com, http(s)://stage2.mydomain.com, http(s)://stage3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://staging.mydomain.com, http(s)://staging1.mydomain.com, http(s)://staging2.mydomain.com, http(s)://staging3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://extensions.mydomain.com, http(s)://extensions1.mydomain.com, http(s)://extensions2.mydomain.com, http(s)://extensions3.mydomain.com, and so on.
http(s)://beta.mydomain.com, http(s)://beta1.mydomain.com, http(s)://beta2.mydomain.com, http(s)://beta3.mydomain.com, and so on.

Also you can reset your license key at https://www.itoris.com/my-extensions.html to use it again on another base URL.

Best regards,
IToris team
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