Versions' change log

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Versions' change log

Postby IToris team » Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:38 pm

Resolved issue: During installation some DB tables were created with "jos_" prefix rather than "#__"

Resolved issue: If URL suffix is enabled in Joomla! configuration (url ends with .html), Captcha image wasn't displayed on content page.
Resolved issue: If XML wasn't parsed correctly the system will raise a warning message now. Made a check on valid XML array.

Resolved issue: String '#__' was not replaced with real DB Joomla prefix in the Database Designer. Sample forms were not associated with the DB correctly.
Resolved issue: Depending on XML parser configuration it can cut html special chars like < > & &quote;. Implemented algorithm for saving such a characters.
Resolved issue: Default SFG template file was renamed from default.tmpl to default.html. IIS webserver blocks outputting of .tmpl files via HTTP
Resolved issue: During installation directory /components/com_sfg/files/tmp was not created. This caused impossibility to attach submitted files to emails
Resolved issue: On some systems Captcha failed because of already sent HTML headers. Made a check on that.
New feature: Now it is possible to send the same email to several recipients. Email addresses can be separated by comma or semicolon. Applied to 'admin-email', 'cc' and 'bcc' fields
New feature: Now it is possible to use dynamic variables in fields 'From Name' and 'From Email' of email template.

New feature: Dynamic variables in Subject, CC, BCC fields of the email template
New feature:dynamic variables in email are case insensitive now
Resolved issue:onUserEmail trigger works now
Resolved issue:displacement of properties in MSDN bar if default browser's 'zoom' style for checkbox set >1
Resolved issue:when inserting dynamic variable the component will detect the field with focus. Applicable to 'From name', 'from email', 'subject', 'cc', 'bcc', 'body' double quotes didn't work in events
Resolved issue:impossible to see the pages after the 10th when the form is re-opened
New feature:new menu item added - 'Form Manager'
Resolved issue:'Web page cannot be loaded' error in Internet Explorer
Resolved issue:'TinyMCE' & 'EditArea' plugins do not load sometime under IE
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Postby IToris team » Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:00 pm

Resolved issue: The DB couldn't be committed if there are too many fields. XMLHTTPRequest now uses POST method (previously used GET) which solves the problem
Resolved issue: Some PHP settings lead to users' receiving blank emails because of the regular expression's error in script. The error fixed.
New feature: Dynamic variables in the form's body are now case insensitive

Resolved issue: The problem of SFG's update/registration in case the ability of receiving the data from the URL is closed. fopen is used now.
Resolved issue: The problem to save the mapping of form to DB in case capital letters are used in the tables' names.
New feature: Ability to select/deselect the elements in Elements' list.
Resolved issue: In Fire Fox - the problem of selecting/deselecting using Ctrl key.
New feature: Checking of te left and top border. Now the elements can not be dragged out of the working area.
Resolved issue: If the content is empty - 'undefined' or 'null' appeared in the properties of inner-html, inner-content, select-list
Resolved issue: Snippets. When a snippet added - elements select-box, textarea, list-box have been created with the empty content. Snippet CAPTCHA - obligatory input box added.
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Postby IToris team » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:57 pm

Resolved issue: If checkbox or radio button was not checked on the form, the dynamic variable in email and on the form remained with {...}. Now it will be removed.
Resolved issue: Required validation failed for checkboxes and radio buttons. Corrected JS piece for the rule.
New feature: Component registration could be dropped sometime if moving website to another hosting. Added a check.
Resolved issue: During uninstallation of the component plugin 'Content - SmartFormer Gold' was not removed. Now it will be removed.
Resolved issue: JS validation failed if SFG Alias contained HTML special symbols
New feature: Email validation now is case insensitive
New feature: Improved validation for Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB
New feature: PHP validation rules are added
Resolved issue: Equal-to validation is added
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Postby IToris team » Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:47 pm

New feature: Added compatibility with Google Chrome browser
New feature: Added compatibility with Opera browser
Resolved issue: MS Excel does not recognize UTF-8 in .csv file. Added possibility to change .csv file charset
Resolved issue:Dynamic variables were not parced in Global HTML. Now it is possible to create dynamic hidden fields
Resolved issue:SFG now recognizes fields in raw HTML format enclosed into DIV or Span elements on the form. You can also use dynamic variable for these fields and associate them with database.
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Postby IToris team » Fri May 22, 2009 2:14 pm

Resolved issue: Posted array of data wasn't converted properly into a string before saving into database.
Resolved issue:Grid displacement is resolved
Resolved issue:JS addons were not loaded on the frontend if 'Add suffix to URLs' option was enabled in Joomla config and the form is published in static content or bound to a menu item.
Resolved issue:Postback didn't work correctly for fields having capital characters in HTML name.
Resolved issue:Memory limit error during parsing XML on some hostings
Resolved issue:Serial numbers didn't work for domain aliases, which use the same source code and database
Resolved issue:Background image attribute didn't work for elements.
Resolved issue:Saving of long form required much time. Script has been optimized.
Resolved issue:After 30 min inactivity form session and the data lost. Added AJAX session keeper for the front end.
Resolved issue:Form Preview didn't work on the front end. Functionality has been implemented.
Resolved issue:Z-Indexed elements won't overlap system bars now (see forum topic)
Resolved issue:Small shift of radio buttons and checkboxes after bulk-copying elements (see form topic)
Resolved issue:Database Designer. Primary Key (PK) and auto_increment error during commiting was fixed.
Resolved issue:File Uploading didn't work for multi-page form.
Resolved issue:Corrected https:// protocol in URL for SSL see forum topic)

New feature:All script declarations are moved into HTML header to avoid pauses during the page loading
New feature:PHP validator is case insensitive on fields' names now
New feature:SFG allows now publishing several forms on the same page
New feature:Added possibility to disable form validation for button. Required for backward form navigating
New feature:Added possibility to reload Captcha image without posting the form. Snippet updated.
New feature:Form structure checksum added in admin. Depending on server's settings form will not be saved if checksum is incorrect.
New feature:All elements in raw HTML will be connected with the database automatically (see forum topic)
New feature:Added compatibility with Safari browser
New feature:Plugin System implemented
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Postby IToris team » Fri May 22, 2009 2:20 pm

Plugin "SF->SFG", which allows transferring the forms directly from Smart Former to Gold.

Plugin "SFG PDF", which allows exporting submitted data to PDF.
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Postby IToris team » Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:38 pm

Resolved issue:Element Properties toolbar was not displayed properly in IE8
Resolved issue:JS error when adding snippet of elements to the form in IE8
Resolved issue:Captcha of SecurImage type didn't reload. Issue resolved.
Resolved issue:Enabled cache in browser gave illusion of not saving form. Issue resolved.
Resolved issue:Opera browser cached Captcha image. Issue resolved.
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Plug-in Record Controller

Postby IToris team » Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:44 pm

Record Controller Plug-in
Plug-in allows controlling your forms.

You can allow/disallow front-end users

-to edit the previously submitted form
-to submit one form several times anew
-limit the number of days during which the form can be edited
-see more details on Record Controller's page
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Postby IToris team » Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:50 pm

New feature: Multi-language engine
New feature: Admin area - now filter settings when viewing the records can be saved
Resolved issue: CHMOD issue in the plugin system
Resolved issue: When the DB name contained capital letters or '-' - submissions could not be saved
Resolved issue: If the name of the email field contained capital letters or '-' - user did not receive email confirmation
Resolved issue: Problems with paging on the page with the list of plug-ins
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Postby IToris team » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:57 pm

Resolved Issue: If connection to the update server was not available SFG displayed blank page.
Resolved Issue: During form creation double-click on "Save form" button led to two forms' creation
Resolved Issue: Sometimes all forms contained the same number of records
Resolved Issue: "Disabled" attribute of the elements was displayed twice
Resolved Issue: When you are in an email template and use the HTML icon to change the code and then press "Save", a new email template is created.
Resolved Issue: When a new element is added to the form - it can be pulled out of the working area.
Resolved Issue: When the element's properties have been changed and another element has been clicked immediately after that - the changes weren't saved
New Feature: Some attributes and styles of HTML elements have been added
Resolved Issue: With simultaneous work on several pages in admin area the list of forms and list of plug-in had problems with pages' numeration
New Feature: The process of forms' loading in front-end has been optimized
Resolved Issue: When the form was saved - some browsers displayed JS-error
New Feature:

    ~Chinese Simplified~
    ~Chinese Traditional~

language versions of Gold have been created

Resolved Issue: Sizes of buttons weren't changed when the correspondent attributes were changed.
New Feature: When an element is added to the border of working area - the area is enlarged.
New Feature: Z-index style has been added for Image element
Resolved Issue:When the files were sent via forms having more than one record - php-errors were displayed.
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Postby IToris team » Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:00 pm

Digital Signature Plug-in

Digital Signature plug-in is developed to sign the forms with the mouse movement. Now you can omit paper contracts, agreements, etc. Your users will fill in documents online and sign them by moving the mouse directly on their computer.
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Postby IToris team » Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:43 pm

SmartFormer Gold v.1.1.4.
Resolved Issue: When trying to add an image in Email Template, HTML editor transforms the absolute URL to dots (if image is on the same host).
Resolved Issue: Warning message (checksum) should be shown in several rows.
Resolved Issue: Checksum is too small.
Resolved Issue: Alert "Form has been update successfully" should be float div.
Resolved Issue: Data can not be edited in multiple list box in records.
Resolved Issue: Problems in IE on sites with "www." or third level of domain name
Resolved Issue: Define $form as global variable
Resolved Issue: Paging on forms list works incorrectly when switched on from data list
Resolved Issue: If hidden name="sfg_submitter" returned empty value then intval() converts it to 0
Resolved Issue: Image "Reload" is too larger if CAPTCHA is added from Snippets
Resolved Issue: The table structure should be saved during form's backup

New Feature: New languages added:


New Feature: New style "opacity" added
New Feature: New values in styles added - "textUnderlinePosition", "unicodeBidi", "visibility", "wordWrap", "writingMode", "dataFormatAs", "accelerator", "verticalAlign", "whiteSpace", "wordBreak".
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Postby IToris team » Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:06 pm

SmartFormer Gold v.1.1.5.
New Feature: Improved performance of SFG Installer.
Resolved Issue: Form removed surrounding content if it existed. Fixed
New Feature: Improved performance of admin's list of forms
Resolved Issue: Memory limit issue in admin. Fixed
New Feature: Improved performance of form's loading in the front end. Some notes: If form's cache doesn't exist - it is created during the first load. The cache is cleaned when the form is updated in admin area.
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Postby IToris team » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:25 pm

SmartFormer Gold v.
New Feature:Now in multi-lingual settings full names of languages are available instead of abbreviations
New Feature:The following languages are added:

New Feature:Combobox now has z-index property
Resolved Issues:Bug with & symbol in 'Subject' filed of email templates is fixed
Resolved Issues:Permissions for cached JS files have been changed to 0755. Fixed
Resolved Issues:When a link to the cached JS files has been generated, a v=<date of latest changes> parameter has been added. Fixed.
Resolved Issues:A deleted field that has had an association with DB has not been displayed in Data List. Fixed.
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Postby IToris team » Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:38 pm

SmartFormer Gold v.1.2.0

New Feature SmartFormer Gold is now compatible with Joomla 1.6
The SFG plugins (Record Controller, Digital Signature, PayPal, PDF) are also compatible.

New Feature
SmartFormer Gold and all plugins now also work correctly with PHP 5.3.0 and higher. Before the debugger could return the "Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated" error.

If chekcbox was checked, then user returned back to the page and unchecked it - the DB kept the previous value. Fixed.

Dutch language pack corrected.

When the form was uploaded from backup, there was an error message 'Incorrect backup file' though the form was uploaded correctly. Fixed

Some servers (and Denver packs) added extra UTF-8 symbols in JS, PHP, HTML and JS editors to the beginning of the code when new forms were created. Fixed.

In the list of submissions the columns for groups of checkboxes/radiobuttons in the tables were duplicated. Fixed.
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