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Smart Login & Registration

Postby IToris team » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:24 pm

We are glad to announce our Magento extension - Smart Login & Registration.

One thing your customers may totally dislike about your store is that to login or register they have go go to special pages and lose what they do now.

Smart Login
is a small nice module that perfectly solves this problem - it adds links to the top of your website (or where you prefer them to have). Your customers will click a link and a form will pop-up (DIV). Now they can login or even create a new account, submit and still stay on the same very page.

No redirect, no interruption and lost pages - with Smart Login your customer area is easily accessible.

The module includes all important features associated with registration and login - forms, ability to retrieve password, validation. All this within the same modern style.

Please check the official page of Smart Login & Registration for more information

You can view the demo here (click Log in or Register link in the top menu)

You can find User Guide here
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