Tabs Slider is a good way to make your store look modern

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Tabs Slider is a good way to make your store look modern

Postby IToris team » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:09 pm

We are glad to announce our Magento extension - Product Tabs Slider.

Product Tabs Slider is a good way to make your store look modern. Once installed this Magento tab extension is a great way to make happy your customers, search engines and you!

Your customers are happy as they no longer scroll product page down and down to read description. All is organized into modern-looking tabs. And one more thing here is that depending on settings you select your customers will no more need to click tabs – they will change on hover.

Search engines are happy as they index all description of your products in tabs with no problem. No worries that any information will be ignored.

You are happy as there is no extra coding for tabs structure – once installed this extension will create tabs of any layout structure for your products. And no need to design and style – the extension includes several style themes and design palettes for each of them. With onhover effect you do not loose valuable clicks of your clients (let your customers click when they purchase your products, not when they view them). You do not need to manage the size and quantity of tabs – when there are plenty of tabs scrolling arrows will appear automatically (left and right).

Please check the official page of Product Tabs Slider for more information

You can view the demo here

You can find User Guide here
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