Product Tabs Slider issues

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Product Tabs Slider issues

Postby robsch » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:12 am

After doing some research on the tab modules out there, and hitting some limitations with Easy Tabs, I pulled the trigger and purchased the slider. We have a custom template we are using, which uses the standard tabs for the product pages. When we installed easy tabs, they worked just fine. I removed Easy Tabs (via mage connect) and then installed Product Tabs Slider with the installer. Now I have no tabs, and they are just text links on my theme.

The information is in the base folder, which I copied to my themes folder.

I installed Easy tabs and they came back, I remove them and I am left with text links. This is not a drop in replacement for the defaults.... I have set the theme to default and I just get a black bar on my screen.

There is no documentation anywhere on this product.

Has anyone successfully integrated this module on any theme? If so, any suggestions would be nice. Thank you.

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