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Postby IToris team » Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:35 pm

A large base of tips and tricks, general questions and common problems has been collected for SmartFormer Gold. This thread is a contents for the forum. Please check it and use search before you post a new topic.



Installation problems
Cannot download file after 3 attempts

File list is empty. Installation will not continue

General problems
Trial period is over directly after the component is installed

How do I download SFG after the purchase has been made

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted

Email problems
Emails are not sent. What should be checked

Administrator and/or users receive email with default/strange text

Back-end problems
I cannot save my form

My submissions are not saved in DB

Front-end problems
Required fields are left blank – yet user is allowed to go to the next page

After submitting user stay on the same page or does not submit data and

IIS server. Form is blank

Incorrect validation message is displayed

Radio buttons problems

Large file for upload clears the form

Attached documents are not sent in multi-page form

Tips and Tricks

DB. Submissions

How to populate a form with data from DB

How to save data to XML

One form should generate several DB records

How to prevent submission from saving in DB via PHP

Catch Joomla article’s title in form’s submissions

How to add data from other tables to the form’s fields

Display the data from DB on the front-end

How to save username together with form’s submission

Use a form to update a DB table

How to auto-populate a form with date stamp and IP address and

Auto-creation of a number for new users

Auto-population of date and time

Auto-population in raw HTML

How to limit access to forms depending on the date

Allow a limited number of submissions per day

How to limit form’s submissions – one form per one email

Display entered data for users to confirm

Users will select an image out of several and see it in the preview

Add ‘remember me’ option to custom login form

After submitting a form users should stay on the same page and the form should be cleared

Avoid access to form by direct URL

How to block form’s submitting by IP or email

How to check that the user has already submitted the form basing on First name, Last name and email address

User should go directly to a set page of the form from menu

PHP/JS Embedding
How to insert custom PHP code after the CAPTCHA has been validated

How to run a JS function before going to the next page

Call of external JS files

Use of $Form

PHP code tips

How to catch up form’s ID

Tables. Table-based forms
Table-based form. How to add/delete rows

Table-based form. How to delete a row. Button outside the table

How to create a table with inputs, list boxes and text areas

How to create a table-based form

There is a table inside a DIV. The table has a drop down that should be populated from DB

File upload
“Add another upload file” functionality

How to allow only .zip to be uploaded

How to make file upload mandatory

Custom validation. Several samples

How to validate calendar in European date format

Numeric validation

Special Features

Lightbox – similar effect for form and a great tooltip

How to create transparent background under the text

How to create a dynamic report with SFG

How to allow to select exactly 3 (no more or less) out of 6 checkboxes in a group

How to add a clickable image with help information

CC in email notification depends on the selected primary receiver

How to add a hover text to the fields

How to limit a number of words in the text area

How to limit a number of symbols in text area

How to create a hidden field

How to change action method of a form dynamically

Pressing Enter key on the keyboard submits the form

Data from several text areas should be displayed together

Character count box

SFG+JoomFish – sending emails on different languages

How to calculate fields from several pages of the form

How to translate calendar (sample in Italian)

How to create a print page

There are three drop downs – year, month and day. I need their options to be combined in DB

How to include a WYSIWYG editor in text field

How to disable button to prevent double submitting

How to use image as link

How to add Google Analytics tracking to each page of multi-page form

Conditional branching
One element depends on the other

Disable elements depending on the previous selection

Check a check box automatically depending on the previous selections

One checkbox to check/uncheck groups of radio buttons

How to pre-populate a list box depending on another list box

Field is required or not depending on the selected radio button

If a checkbox is checked the following fields becomes mandatory

Conditional branching with 3 sub-dependent drop downs (with ability to download a sample form)

One group of radio buttons depend on the other

One drop down’ options depend on the other drop down’s options selected

Several select boxes with the same options, when an option is selected in one select box it is excluded from the rest

Hide and show elements
Field should be required only when it is visible

How to hide an element and show another element at the same time

Add and remove elements
How to add/remove elements dynamically

A button that adds more fields

Buttons. Redirect and behavior depending on condition
Depending on the elements selected my submit button should redirect users to different pages

Form should be submitted from different pages depending on the elements’ selection

Enable a button when an option from a drop down is selected

How to set emails to different administrators depending on user’ selection

With Terms& Conditions I have yes/no radio buttons. Form can be submitted only when Yes is selected. How to make this work when user uses Back button

User radio buttons to send users to different pages

General Questions
How to transfer SFG license

Preliminary developers’ guide

Form. Elements.
How to change the form’s width/height

How to embed a PHP code to the form

What is the purpose of SFG alias and how do I use it

Elements’ properties box. General questions

How to set the order of elements



How to backup a form. How to restore it from backup

Tools for elements’ positioning in SFG

How to use radio buttons

How to set select boxes so that value is saved in DB

How to add a table to the form

How to create a group of checkboxes

Data is entered on one page. How to display it in the following page

How to include form in Joomla article or module and

How to change the direct URL of the form

Border around input box

How to add a background image to the form

How to edit or delete hidden fields

Default (pre-filled) text that disappears when users start printing

How to make a button skip a page (direct from 2 to 4 for example)

How to create Back button

Navigation between pages – buttons, links and images

How to embed Flash into email

How to use email templates

User’s email address to become reply-address in email

Form’s submissions
Where I can view form’s submissions

How users can edit previously submitted form

How to work with raw HTML – copy a form’s source and insert it in SFG

How to avoid cloned form from using the same DB table

How to limit upload file size

How to set an image as a background of the form
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