How to get SUPPORT - Instructions

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How to get SUPPORT - Instructions

Postby IToris team » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:04 pm

We provide support help in the following ways:

1.Online support help. To gain the access to the online desk you will need to ave support membership.

The membership ticket can be purchases from any Support part of our products' pages (e.g. ... -gold.html)
One ticket covers the support for all our extensions together.

Please read Terms and Conditionsof support prior to purchasing a ticket.

2. Directly via email. This email can be used in two cases only.

a. You have installation problems
b. You believe there is a bug in an extension.

Please send a temporary admin access when you write to the email.

Please check the forum and online documentation prior to emailing. In case there is a real bug - it will be solved directly.

Please do not write to the email directly in any other cases.

3. Via forum. No replies on forum and terms of replies are guaranteed.

Forum can be used for communication between our customers as well as for searching for the information regarding our extensions.

4. Via online contact form.

If you are not sure which way is best in your case or have a general question - please use the contact form.
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