Form validation problem

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Form validation problem

Postby Fahrenheit » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:17 pm


I just installed the SmartFormer trial and I'm walking through building a custom form. This is the setup:

1) Multiple required fields
2) Default Submit button: "save data" checked and "redirect url" set to a different confirmation page on the site

When I have "disable validation" checked, the form submits and saves the data but doesn't make sure that the required fields are filled out; it does go to the confirmation page. This allows a partial form to be submitted without all of the necessary data.

When I have "disable validation" unchecked, the form makes sure the required fields are filled out but when submitted it doesn't save the data and doesn't go to the confirmation page; it stays on the same page but with no content.

Any idea on why not validating the form saves the data and goes to the right page, but validating the form does neither?

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