Can we use several forms to collect date under one ID?

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Can we use several forms to collect date under one ID?

Postby TMDesign » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:43 pm

We need to collect a lot of data in a way that we can reuse information already entered where appropriate. For example, we collect Name and Address details and this same information may be required four or five times in relation to different parts of the process. (It has to be physically present each time as ultimately we have to generate an XML file to interface with a third party system that requires this but we do not want to have the user keep entering the same data.) We want to keep DB calls to a minimum as they take finite time and the size of our 'application' means that it could be very slow to load and run if we have to use too many such calls.

For a variety of reasons we would like to use different forms for different parts of the data collection process so we need a way to 'carry over' data between forms and, as they all relate to the same process, we'd like to keep them under the same ID - be able to add data to the same DB entry as we move though the forms.

I read that we can pass information between forms using URL params (post7494) but will this solve our needs?

Anyone offer any advice?

Thanks :)
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