Versions' change log

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Versions' change log

Postby IToris team » Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:57 pm

New feature: extensions are blocked during the process of installation/update/upgrade
New feature: standard Magento notifications appear when new versions of installed extensions are available
New feature: registration is checked every day when admin login to the admin area
New feature: error message appears if compilation is enabled and admin install/update/upgrade extension

Resolved issue: if one website has 2 different domains (secure and unsecure) then extensions works only on one website

Resolved issue: IToris Installer works now if DB tables have prefix
New feature: admin should update IToris Installer before installation/update/upgrade other extensions

Resolved issue: change schema DB tables work correctly now if DB tables have prefix

Resolved issue: Magento crashes if any exception appears when IToris Iтstaller checks new versions/licenses

Resolved issue: added ability to upgrade to full version

Resolved issue: added ability to register additional URL with dots in sub-folders using keys manager
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