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IToris Installer

Postby IToris team » Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:06 pm

IToris Installer is a special tool to make installation and update of all our Magento extensions and templates as easy as possible.

All you need to do is to download the installer and unpack it to the root of your Magento website. You will then find it in the menu (System -> IToris extensions -> IToris Installer).

It has two tabs - extensions and templates. It will present all available components as well as design themes from IToris. Find the one you need and press Install icon. That is it.

The same way any extension or template can be updated. Again open the installer, it will show if the newer versions is available. If yes - press Update icon.

We never make you dependent on our server. What we do is only check your license once if the component is paid. That is all. Even if our server is down (which happens rarely), your extensions will continue working without any problems.
IToris team
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Problem with installer

Postby jwaddick » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:02 am

I followed your directions. I can see it that the following files were installed:inflating: app/code/local/Itoris/Installer/code/IDBAdapter.php
inflating: app/code/local/Itoris/Installer/code/IInstaller.php
inflating: app/code/local/Itoris/Installer/controllers/CallController.php
inflating: app/code/local/Itoris/Installer/controllers/IndexController.php
inflating: app/code/local/Itoris/Installer/etc/config.xml
inflating: app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/itoris_installer.xml
inflating: app/etc/modules/Itoris_Installer.xml
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/core.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/dialog.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/installation.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/product.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/progressbar.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/refresh.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/uibuilder.js
inflating: js/itoris_installer/js/update.js
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/css/dialog.css
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/css/main.css
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/css/product.css
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/css/progressbar.css
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/btn_bg.gif
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/cover.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/dialog-caption-back.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/fail.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/ico-avaliable.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/ico-installed.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/ilogo.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/link-avaliable.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/link-installed.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/loading2.gif
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/logo-back.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/ok.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/process.gif
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/product-border-bottom-avaliable.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/product-border-bottom-installed.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/progress-back.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/progress-inner.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/progress-outer.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/tab-active.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/tab-inactive.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/uninstall.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/uninstall_active.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/update.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/update_active.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/upgrade.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/upgrade_active.png
inflating: skin/adminhtml/default/default/itoris_installer/img/wait.png

But when I go to the backend and check the system menu the Itoris Installer is not listed. This is a brand new installation of CE.

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Postby fabricet » Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:08 pm

Same problem. I have installed the Itoris Installer on my magento web site. I've log out log in, and refresh cache. But no new menus appears in my system menu.
I have the last magento version.
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Postby IToris team » Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:45 pm

Hello Jwaddick and Fabricet,

Can you please provide a temporary admin and ftp access?
Please send details to

We will check and fix this issue.

Kind regards,
IToris Team
IToris team
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Postby fabricet » Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:47 am

Thanks for your support. Now it's working.
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iToris installer problewm

Postby shirrasoft » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:54 am

I have exactly the same problem. installed the installer and no matter what I do, it wont show up in System menu. Is there something I should be doing?
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Postby IToris team » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:36 pm

Please reindex data and clean the cache.

If it doesn't help please contact our support department (
IToris team
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